Andy Warhol's Influence On Modern Art

Andy warhol was one of the greatest modern artists his work changed art for the better most of the modern artist have been influenced by andy and his work. Without the big change that andy made had changed how we see art today andy made it possible for great minds to make the beautiful art available today. With the great art that was released during and after andy 's time as an artist helped change the scene of art. Without andy most of the modern art today could 've been more plain and dull he brought life into the fading art and is to this day influencing many modern artists.many of the art that exist or will exist has in some way has been influenced by the work he has made. Andya may have just been one person but he was often seen as a very influential artist in his day. In his prime andy produced some of the most controversial art. Andy also made it possible for other artist to follow in his footsteps and create art from things that have become normal to the consumers.Without the big movement that andy had started art and other media that we know of today would be different andy had such a …show more content…
In today 's culture andy 's name can been seen in movies and some music more importantly some art. Andy had a great part in the movement forward in art and gave everyone in the art community a reason to create masterpieces to push for amazing work. Without andy warhol the art of today would be dull and boring and so would tv and other types of media such as music. Andy the father of pop art created the modern look and feel of art paved the way for many artist after andy. Andy may have been one man but andy touched many and influenced great artist to create pieces of work that may seen odd but had a real meaning to them using everyday objects that we the consumers have grown accustomed to Andy is the father of pop art a real

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