Andy Warhol : Inventor Of Modern Art And Modern Fame Essay

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Andy Warhol: Inventor of Modern Art and Modern Fame
Pop art, the product of fame and modern art, was created by Andy Warhol. Warhol’s early explorations in art was a result of catching chorea, making him bedridden for extended periods of time. His mother, another artist, taught him how to draw. His career was filled with ups and down, but this gave way to the birth of pop art. Influenced by the lesser known British artist who invented the start of pop art, Warhol made an Americanized version of pop art. Warhol used art as a weapon to change the way fame and modern art became an everyday part of an average American life. Andy Warhol, the king of pop art, changed the way people view pop culture and modern art today and his explorations and encounters in pop art influenced the connection between the concept of fame and everyday Americans.
Andy Warhol’s views on fame and art shaped our lives today. He’s famous for saying: “In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes (Warhol).” This explains his views on how pop culture is constantly changing and adapting to what’s new and popular. With the use of everyday objects, pop art was born. Warhol’s uniqueness and his aura invited anyone famous into his Factory. The Factory literally became a factory for what became popular and it became the biggest topic in any gossip magazine. Before Warhol, art was a series of rules where the art had to be something life-like. Warhol’s explorations in art made everyone notice…

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