Andy Clark And David Chalmers Essay

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Andy Clark and David Chalmers presented “The Extended Mind” argument as a potential new option for the question of where does the mind stop and the world begin. This question nearly reflects the confusion that many individuals face of what is reality and what is merely perception. Given that this question could be more individual based leads to more questions rather than a closer solution. A common response to our question is if it is outside of the body, then it must be outside of the mind. This offers that the body and mind are of the same thread and leans more towards the limitation of a one track perspective. Another common response is that externalism about meaning is carried over to an externalism about the mind. An externalism about meaning is easily interpreted as the idea that our words are beyond the boundaries of our head. This response is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum when compared to the first response. Clark and Chalmers propose a third option in their argument. They advocate that under the right circumstances, coupling between the brain and the environment results in an extended cognition.
Extended cognition goes beyond the skin and skull and has different features that allow a fairly feasible acceptance. Clark and Chalmers present three cases as examples of different problem-solving situations that humans face or can face at any given time. These cases involve: (1) mentally rotating shapes to fit into sockets, (2) choosing whether to mentally…

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