Andrew Wiles And His Works Essay

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Through history many men and women dedicate their lives to the discovery and understanding of numbers, shapes and structures. They evolve mathematical rules, concepts, theories and prove them; solving practical problems in each different field. From century to century great mathematicians had help this world, every single . One mathematician distinguished between many others is Andrew Wiles. Andrew Wiles was born in 1953 in Cambridge, England. His interest for mathematics started at a young age, when he was still a kid he loved to go the library and rent math books that challenged him to find the answer to practical problems and teach him, also he would finished his schoolwork in a heartbeat just to do extra work on math [1]. When Wiles was 10 years old he borrowed a book from his local library containing Fermat 's last theorem and this theorem capture his attention, he worked on it and tired to prove it but his knowledge was not enough to prove the theorem so he gave up and forgot about it. He continued his studies and graduated. After Wiles got his PhD in 1980 he accepted a position to teach at Princeton University, he was there for some years and then accepted two different jobs across the country, but after that, he went back to teach at Princeton again [2]. His major achievement was the proof of Fermat 's last theorem but he has won many others different mathematics and science awards, like Royal Medal, Wolf Prize, Shaw Prize, Pythagoras Award and including one of…

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