Andrew Jackson : The Jacksonian Democracy Essay

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Andrew Jackson DBQ

Some people believe that Andrew Jackson was democratic because he made more common people vote. However, things like the veto of the national bank, the corrupt spoils system, and the unfair treatment of Native Americans all were undemocratic. Therefore, Andrew Jackson wasn’t very democratic.

Even though Andrew Jackson almost doubled the amount of people who voted, was nice to Native Americans at first, and gave most people more power in the government, which are all very democratic things because these things give power to the people and all of this was known as the Jacksonian Democracy. (Doc A, D, J) He did many undemocratic things to gain presidency and when he was president such as abuse his power to veto the national bank and he disregarded many laws like the law that declared the bank constitutional to do things, which he wanted not the people, indicates that he was not as democratic as he was undemocratic. (Doc E)

Democrats did oppose the national bank, but Andrew Jackson vetoing the national bank was undemocratic because he abused his powers in order to do it and many senators agreed that he did abuse his powers. (Doc E) In his letter to the congress he tried to convince them that the bank was unnecessary and it had too much power, but in the Supreme Court case McCulloch vs. Maryland John Marshall established the bank as constitutional, so to remove the bank Jackson disregarded the constitution. (Doc E, F) Jackson vetoing the bank also caused…

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