Andrew Jackson Research Paper

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Register to read the introduction… Jackson was elected to the Senate for a six year term beginning the winter term of 1797-1798. Andrew Jackson was senator for less than a year from money troubles. Jackson who was 31 at the time was selected to be a Tennessee superior court judge for six years from 1798 to 1804. In 1801, Jackson helped organize the Order of Freemasons in Tennessee. It was groups that help rise men in Tennessee. In 1804, he retired from the being the judge and moved back to Nashville. In 1804, Jackson was a Major General in the Tennessee. Jackson then fought in the Creek War which lasted from 1813 to 1814. After beating the Indians, Jackson win caught the eyes of George Washington. He was then put in charge of defense for New Orleans. His win in the Battle of New Orleans made him a national hero and got him the nickname "Old Hickory". The victory in New Orleans helped show our country strength. In 1817, Andrew Jackson was ordered to fight the Seminole Indians. Jackson went into Florida with a two thousand men and occupied the fort at St. Marks. He pushed the Seminole Indians back into Spanish Florida and executed two British subjects. British subjects were known as allies of Indian. After the victory, Secretary of State John Quincy Adam address Spain and it gave the American's the state Florida for five million dollars. Jackson was then pointed governor of Florida for a while. He use heavy tactics to force …show more content…
I think that it was used to insure loyalty of the people in his administration. President Jackson heard about the ruling in the case of Cherokee Indians vs. The State of Georgia. He didn't like the ruling Chief Justice John Marshall gave to the Cherokee's. In 1838, the U.S army rounded up 15,000 Cherokee's who stay in Georgia and made them walk to the West in the cold winter days. This was called the "Trials of

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