Andreas Vesalius Research Paper

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Andreas Vesalius was born in December 31st, 1514 in the city of Brussels in Habsburg Netherlands which is now Belgium. Andreas was born into a family of physicians and pharmacists, so education was important to him and it inspired him to make his future work on the human body. In which during 1529 - 1533 he attended the University of Leuven and from 1533 to 1536 he went to the University of Paris to study on medical related things; and that's where the revolutionary discovery started . After completion in 1537 of his studies, he was declared the head of surgery and anatomy. While attending the University of Padua Andreas committed a large amount of time to the study of human bones. During his time at the Universities a great amount of his education came from the works of Galen, who was a large influence to a …show more content…
This brought him into a detail that Galens work was only in various animals because Roman laws banned the methods of dissection;which brought false information of the human anatomy, such as the thought of blood being produced by the liver, holes through the septum, or even the shape of the liver but this still wasn't known at that time. Andreas so, then started writing a book of his own methods and evidence in which he was preparing to publish his book to other people. In the first months of 1542 Andreas went to Venice to set the drawings related from the text and a year after that he presented his book which was named “The Seven Books on The Structure of The Human Body” or De humani corporis fabrica and was printed in 1543. This book gave all of Vesalius’s ideas and evidence which was the most accurate description of the human body at that time. Also in 1543 he showed his book to the Roman Emperor and the Emperor acquired him as a physician. This was most part the whole story of Andreas Vesalius’s discovery and revolutionary breakthrough of the human

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