Andrea Yates Paper

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Andrea Yates Paper
Linda J. Hernandez
PSY 303: Abnormal Psychology
Professor Lisa Prince Rutsky
August 21, 2011

Andrea Yates Paper In 2001, Andrea Yates drowned her five children in a bathtub in her home. This was very disturbing news. I am a native Houstonian. I was at home that day. The television was on and will never forget the news breaking announcements that broke the story of a homicide in Clear Lake. All the information the reporters had was a mother killed all her children then called the police to report it. The full story and the details that lead to this tragedy did not unfold until years later. It was sad because as details unfolded if Andrea Yates had been treated properly and followed her doctors
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The Andrea Yates court case was very interesting because it brought to light the details of a how Andrea got to the state of mind she was in. It let people in to her world. We got to hear how her life had changed after the birth of her first child. How her marriage was not a source of comfort but a source of pressure and stress. She was under a lot of stress to be an obedient wife to her husband and a good mother that home schooled her children while leading them down the path of righteousness. Her mental health was treated but I don’t feel that anyone appreciated the severity of her illness. Rusty Yates even admitted that on the witness stand. Her first trial verdict was guilty. This occurred in the month of March of 2002. She was not given the death penalty but sentenced to life in prison. Honestly, I felt this was not what she deserved. She was being punished for been a suicidal depressed schizophrenic who was never able to fully benefit from treatment. I remember thinking wouldn’t it be punishment enough for her to have to wake up one day with a clear mind and realize what happened. How can one possibly stay sane or get proper treatment incarcerated? Forward a few years to 2006. With a very prominent legal team working on her behalf, Andrea gets what seems to be a miracle. After her murder conviction was thrown out due to erroneous testimony Andrea Yates

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