Anderson V. WR Grace & Co. Case Brief Summary

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There are many examples that involve how much of an issue it has been to humans. In the 1980s, three lawsuits have been made to three large companies of contamination into the water well, that had sicken or lead to death of the residential children. Stated in the Anderson V. WR Grace &, the plaintiffs’ seek to recover from witnessing the death of the children. Three of the plaintiff had also contacted leukemia from the water, and were either in remission or treatment. The other twenty five plaintiffs that had not contacted leukemia, allege that the exposure of the contaminated water caused the illness and other damage to their bodily system. During this time, it was considered as something that the companies believed they would win in. Since they were rich and believed that they would not have a chance against their lawyers. However, it would not help the fact that the issue in the Anderson v. WR Grace & Co. included …show more content…
Beatrice Foods Co results that were investigated and were also determined by official researchers. However, was said to be rejected by the judge. For instance, reports of Yankee Engineering and Research Services that were made of their foundings was improperly and prejudicially withheld during the pretrial discovery. In an attempt to switch the tables and win, the defendants tried to say the evidence was too complicated for the jury, which almost worked. With the fact that it could had helped the case, it was rejected. For example, it’s stated in the case file that the report might had been marginally helpful to the plaintiffs of the transportation of the chemicals from the tannery to the wells, though there was no evidence that Beatrice disposed the chemical at either the tannery or the 15-acre parcel. Throughout the case, it was believed to be unnecessary by defendant and judge for it to continue. Thinking about their own work and jobs, they continue to deny of the effects of the toxins that they put into the water and

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