Dred Scott V. Sandford Case

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Xander Kanalos
Coach Blount
4th Period
14 March 2018
Dred Scott v. Sandford,1857
The Dred Scott v. Sandford case was the most impactful in the supreme court and in general to everything that is constitutional. The case called for a man who was a slave that sued for freedom in their state which was Missouri(slave state). This case was important to African Americans and the United States because of the laws that were put in place after this case.
This case was important because of what it accomplished for the States and the constitution. This case made the 14th amendment come into place which was full citizenship for African Americans. The case had to do with a guy named Dred Scott and John F.A. Sandford and it was discussed from February 11,
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To add to that, the case was about a slave getting his freedom for him and his family ,and with that he goes to court in Louisiana and Missouri and tries to get freedom.This case was about an african american which was a slave that was fighting for his rights and freedom. He was with his owner in a free state and was able to sue him and take him to court to get his freedom and they declined his case the first time then they redicussed it. To add to that, it was passed through March and this sparked the civil war because of the free states letting the slaves be free unlike the south which thrived off slaves off their plantation. Dred was with his owner and they moved to alabama and when his owner gave up on farming his owner settled in missouri and sold dred to U.S. army surgeon and he took him to illinois which was a free state due to the Northwestern Ordinance which prohibited slavery in certain states. Which meant Dred was a free man because his owner to him to a Free state. Dred ended up moving with emerson to minnesota and got married with Harriet Robinson and the ceremony was taken care of by the owner. Which normally the marriages were not of any importance and didn't need a ceremony to be official. “In 1837, the army ordered Emerson to Jefferson Barracks

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