Ancient Greece 's Impact On Modern Day Essay

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Ancient Greece Culture Ancient Greece has impacted modern day in many ways such as: our clothes, architecture, and ways of doing things. We adapted many of Greece’s culture. I plan to focus my attention on the food aspect of Greece and what they did. Many of the common foods ancient Greece associated with is similar to Greece’s lifestyle now.
Agriculture helped significantly with Greek economy. Almost 80% of the population used agriculture as part of their culture. Agriculture gave Greece many advances later on. If Greece did not use agriculture, we might not have learned as quickly as we did. Ancient Greece helped shape society today with its ways of living. Greek agriculture and diet, was mostly cereals made with: barley Durum wheat, and common wheat. In reality, 90% of cereal production was barley, grown by them. The growing of barley at first, was less demanding and more productive. Soon after growing barley the demand became more intense, grain provision began shortly after. They made the barley into porridge or ground it into flour to make bread. Greece provided a lot of olive oil as well. Olive plantations were a long-term investment. It took almost 20 years before anything grew. Grapes were also grown in Greece since they grow good in rocky soil. Olive oil was used for cooking oil or in oil lamps frequently.

These core crops were magnified by vegetable gardens. They grew cabbage, onion, and garlic. Orchards such as fig, almond, and pomegranate were also grown.…

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