Classical Greece Development

Ancient Greece was often associated with warfare, mythology, sports, and drama. However, those were just a fraction of the success that the Ancient Greeks experienced between 490 B.C. and 323 B.C. in Classical Greece. It is often considered the Golden Age of western civilization, where the empire experiences peace, prosperity, and happiness. During this period, peace and equality were allowed to prosper by establishing treaties and democracy. There was also economic stability through the use of trading and slaves, as well as positive developments in mathematics, construction, and science. These developments have made Classical Greece one of the most successful years in the history of Ancient Greece.
In the time of Classical Greece, the people
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For example, the tremendous achievement in geometry, such as the discovery of the Pythagoras theorem, allowed construction to flourish. This led to the creation of important structures like columns and triangular pediments that can still be seen in modern societies. These were very important to Classical Greece as it significantly affected the citizens’ way of life by creating buildings used for worship, discussion, shelter, and economic trade. Aside from that, it was also a sign of economic and social advancement as it proved that the citizens of Classical Greece were peaceful and economically stable. This is because they could use their time and money to build famous monuments like the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus, instead of using it for military development. This demonstrates their beliefs and superior economic prowess at the time. In addition, there were also significant developments in Science during the period of Classical Greece. For example, Hippocrates, a Greek physician, believed that diseases were not caused by gods and this was an excuse used by doctors to define the unexplainable, while Leucippus, a Greek philosopher and scientist, believed that matter was not created by a divine being and is made of tiny particles called atoms. This was important as it was not merely a tool for convenience but is evidence of forward-thinking. Intellectuals started questioning their environment …show more content…
They enjoyed a period of great economic stability through the use of an organized trade principle and slave labour, and the Classical Greeks made significant developments in mathematics, construction, and science. Therefore, it is undeniable that Classical Greece was the Golden Age of western civilization as it was in this period of time that the Ancient Greeks saw unprecedented achievements in all aspects of society. This was largely what allowed Ancient Greece to become one of the strongest empires of its time, and continue to greatly impact the lives of future

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