Ancient Greek Influence On Society

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History 1
Ancient Greece
Ever wonder how was the Ancient Societies used to be like? What start off the adultery? What did the Neolithic period and Bronze age do in history? Why do people believe what they believe in today’s world? Why do people behave the way they do? Learning the Ancient history helps us understand how religion, education, government impacted the society back in the early days and how the after come has affects us now. In Greece, the central role of an individual is believed to be influenced by their religion belief. People devoted themselves to gods for as they believe that all the goods or what we call “blessings” in today’s world that we get in life came from them. In this
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“They believe they were blessed by the gods, who brought such a regular and fertile flooding of the Nile, not cursed by their chaotic whims.” (Pg. 15). Ma’at was a ruler that Egyptians believed brought truth and justice to them. “ While Mesopotamians believed their kings served as priests to their gods, Egyptians believed their rulers were gods, who had come to earth to bring truth, justice, and order--- all summarized in the word ma’at.” (Page, 15). Also, a writing system was developed during this time. Ancient Egyptians learned how to forward a message and power through sacred writing engraved on the temples and called as Hieroglyph. Athenians believed in god in the shapes of human. For example, they built the Parthenon to represent their religious connection to their gods, represents their wealth and growth. The Parthenon was built on top of the hill because they believe that it is close to the level of their gods. The Parthenon also symbolized as the greatest temple because of its architectural perfect position. Why was it built? The reason why the Greeks built the Parthenon is to represent that their artwork is unique, and it is to the highest level. Earlier we learned that Greeks likes to show off their talents, every good they have. It was also stated on the lecture website from the video of The secrets of the Parthenon , “The Greeks explored the …show more content…
Most of the Greece civilization survived and are still applied in the modern world, even thought the Periclean Athens and Ancient Egypt had few similarities. First, they have in common is their religious belief. Both praised the god and believed in life after death. Another similarity is women were responsible for the daily flow of the family such as caring for children, their husbands and the household chores. Lastly, anyone who do something or go against the norms during the ancient society were dishonored, exiled and thrown away as if they never had no

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