Ancient Greece : Ancient Civilizations Essay

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Ancient Greece as one of the most well-known ancient civilizations in history has a lot of unique aspects that attracts historians. And the main reason that Ancient Greece amazes historians is that a lot of inventions or ideas are still being till this day in the 21th century. With the unusual structure of city-states due to geography, each region have developed different types and have formed different government structure. For this reason, each region in Ancient Greece can have its own technology development and achievement and bring it to other city-states. Within the trading system in Ancient Greece, the ideas and technologies have spread to many places and which influences western societies in terms of the government structure, art techniques, and education.

Ancient Greece with its unique city-state government structure have provided people a great variety of choices for people to live in. Some of the city-states have also came up with its special type of government structure like Sparta, where it is a military based city-state. The nonuniform structure of Ancient Greece give each city-state provided isolation for each city-state to develop on its own and in the same time prevented giving too much power to a single city-state. One of the most famous government system in Ancient Greece would be Athen’s government. Historians believed that the city-state of Athens is the birthplace of democracy where back then in Ancient Greece, the governing system was divided into…

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