Ancient Egypt Influence Essay

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Jack Doherty
History 101
18 November 2014

Ancient Egyptian Influence As a first-wave civilization, Ancient Egypt uniquely influenced many future civilizations in their ability to successfully rise to power. Egyptian society was cloaked in mystery, and unbelievable creations that included many great architectural creations, a new written language, and various other impressive innovations. Ancient Egypt can be described as a visionary society, with their use of the Nile River in order to create a rich agricultural environment that led to their being considered on of the most important advances in agriculture. In contrast to other early civilizations, Ancient Egypt rose to prominence without the use of an overpowering military influence; instead
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As a society Egypt revolved around the creation of hieroglyphics, architecture such as the Great Pyramids, and the use of the Nile River. Egyptians in nature were quite spiritual, and performed complex worshipping acts, and rituals. Ancient Egyptians early on had polytheistic beliefs and rituals that were an integral part of their society. As they practiced their religion, they worshipped many gods and goddesses that all underneath the power of the “Pharaoh” or the King of Egypt. As the Ancient Egyptian religion went onward, all of Egypt’s essential components seamlessly blended together. The Egyptians made temples using their skill in architecture in order to create temples as a place to worship their perspective gods and goddesses. Furthermore, the Egyptians used hieroglyphics in order to write down their religious beliefs. Similarly, future civilizations were influenced by the Egyptians and also put a large focus on their religion. Interestingly enough as explained in The Decalogue and the Egyptian Book of the Dead the author talks of some of the commandments in Egyptian culture “ 1) I have not been a person of anger …16) I have not stolen land.” (Hood, 53) In Egyptian society it was very important to follow guidelines and …show more content…
As the society began to grow, the Egyptians made many monuments to pay tribute to their fallen gods and goddesses. The Egyptians created the Great Pyramids as a way to practice their religion. The Great Pyramids, a very complex structure, often were marveled upon in surprise at the impressive detail they were constructed in. As time went on according to John Romer’s A History of Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians greatly improved their architectural style, “ Finally they created a unique structure… clean lines were entirely clad with Tura limestone” (Romer, 285) The exact theory of construction of these pyramids has varied, and is vastly controversial as everyone has their own position on the constructing on the building. After approximately, twenty years of hard labor, the Great Pyramids were finally assembled, and are historically remembered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. These pyramids served as tombs for great, worshipped, fallen Egyptians who the masses had decided to honor. Traditionally it was believed that if these people were buried in riches that there after life be superior. As these pyramids were built, the Egyptians religion became intertwined. In future endeavors, civilizations such as Rome put an emphasis on architecture and the construction of impressive buildings and

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