Mummies In Ancient Egypt

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During the period of ancient Egypt there where masterfully created monumental pyramids, fascinating sphinxes, and marvelous mummies. Ancient Egypt is well-known for the construction of towering perplexing pyramids. These massive monuments housed the dead bodies of pharaohs, kings, queens, and nobles. In these tombs the mummified remains of these important people were buried with gold and other treasures which they believed would be needed in the afterlife. Surprisingly, it required 100,000 burly men working diligently together for 20 years to finish just one pyramid. The pyramids were built exclusively in the desert and were always on the west side of the Nile. Many chambers, dead ends, and false chambers were fashioned to fool robbers who desired to steal the magnificent treasures. In addition to these confusing mazes, curses were written on the wall within the pyramids to terrify tomb raiders. Ancient Egypt is famous for the construction of these enormous pyramids. Egypt is also known for …show more content…
Egyptians mummified their dead because they believed they would need their bodies in the afterlife. The mummification process took 70 days. The process began with the removal of all the organs including the brain which they thought was not important. Then the body was stuffed with linen cloth which was soaked in natron salt to dry out the corpse. When the body dried out they replaced the soaked cloth with new dry cloth. Next the body was wrapped with a thick layer of linen cloth. As the body was wrapped Egyptian charms were placed inside the layers of cloth which was believed to keep out evil spirits. Finally an ornate mask was put on the head of the mummy and placed in several layers of coffins. Astonishingly mummies from ancient Egyptian times are still preserved today. From massive pyramids, to famous sphinx, and amazing mummies one can see the astonishing creations fashioned during ancient Egyptians

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