Ancient Egypt : Ancient Egyptian Life Essay

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Nick Genaske 12/5/16 D The Ancient Egyptian Life

The daily life of an egyptian is filled with work and more work. Depending on where you stand in the society structure.This informational article is meant to teach the reader about ancient Egypt and how different members of the social structure react with each other. My first topic is the religion of ancient Egypt. There religion was a system of polytheistic beliefs which were a very important part of ancient Egyptian society. It was based on the Egyptians ' interaction with many of deities who were usually present in and in control of, the forces and nature. The beliefs about these gods were meant to show and explain the origins and behavior of the forces that they represented. The practice of Egyptian religion were when they tried to provide for the gods and gain their trust and gratitude. Religious practice was all based on the pharaoh, the king of Egypt. Even though he was a human,the people of Egypt had believed that the pharaoh was born from the gods. He acted as the translator between the people and the gods, and was believed to communicate with the gods through rituals and offerings so that they could keep peace in the universe. Because of this, the country dedicated huge amounts of resources to the practice of these rituals and to make the temples where they were performed. The members of Egypt could also talk with the gods for…

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