Essay about Ancient Egypt : A First Wave Civilization

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Jack Doherty
History 101
18 November 2014

Ancient Egyptian Influence As a first-wave civilization, Ancient Egypt uniquely influenced many future civilizations in their ability to successfully rise to power. Egyptian society was cloaked in mystery, and unbelievable creations that included many great architectural creations, a new written language, and various other impressive innovations. Ancient Egypt can be described as a visionary society, with their use of the Nile River in order to create a rich agricultural environment that led to their being considered on of the most important advances in agriculture. In contrast to other early civilizations, Ancient Egypt rose to prominence without the use of an overpowering military influence; instead they use innovation and forward thinking to out think their opponents. As a first-wave civilization, Egypt paved the path to future civilizations’ success with forward thinking ideals. In this way, second-wave civilizations thrived based on their utilization of prototypical successes of Ancient Egypt. The rise of Ancient Egypt was centralized around innovation and transformation. As a society Egypt revolved around the creation of hieroglyphics, architecture such as the Great Pyramids, and the use of the Nile River. Egyptians in nature were quite spiritual, and performed complex worshipping acts, and rituals. Ancient Egyptians early on had polytheistic beliefs and rituals that were an integral part of their society. As they practiced…

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