Essay on Anaya 's Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio Marez

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In this world, two sides to every story always exist; the in-group constantly battles the out-group. Prejudices arise and create conflict time after time. In Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio Marez’s life drastically changes when Ultima arrives to live with his family. The older woman harnesses magical healing powers as a curandera, but many of the townspeople see her as a bruja, a horrible witch. In their remote New Mexican village, insiders stick together and gang up against the weak and diverse, the same way strong women have faced persecution, the US government removed thousands of Japanese-Americans, and as Senator McCarthy and his followers scoured for Communists. Cico offers insight, revealing, “people… seem to want to hurt each other— and it’s worse when they’re in a group” (Anaya 117). Proven time and time again, people fear those who are different and morph them into scapegoats, allowing mob mentality to fester and reach unstoppable forces. The Márez family, along with Narciso and few others, embraces Ultima and her ability to cure, while others believe she consorts with the devil. They ostracize the woman because of her power to remove dark spirits from the cursed, a power many of the priests and religious leaders do not possess, as they fear the consequences of becoming involved. The elderly woman is not afraid. Ultima removes the spell killing Antonio’s uncle and weakens the witch, Tenorio’s daughter, who placed it upon him. Later, Tenorio and his…

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