Analyzing Thomas B. Edsall 's Bias Essay

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Media bias is the bias, or perceived bias, of journalists and news producers within the mass media in the selection of events and stories that are reported and how they are covered. In this report, I am able to identify Thomas B. Edsall’s bias in his discussion about Republican ideas of the beginning of life. In the Opinions Pages of the New York Times, Edsall makes an argument about the view point Republicans have about conception and contraception while using “attack” language against them to prove his point. It is very clear to see that this piece of work is extremely bias by the way Edsall presents it and considering that is in the Opinions Pages of the newspaper. Republicans believe life begins at conception and are pro-life, indicating that they are against abortion. Edsall states, “Every major group opposed to abortion takes the position that life begins at fertilization” (Edsall). Fertilization is when the egg and sperm meet, causing the sperm to fertilize the egg. Republicans view this as the first act of life and they believe any type of contraception is a form of abortion. As stated in Edsalls article, this causes Republican presidential candidates to “agree that the IUD and morning after pill cause abortions” (Edsall). They have to agree that these forms of contraception cause abortions, even though the egg may never be fertilized. This means that there is technically no abortion happening, since there is no “life” in the first place. In continuation of…

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