Analyzing The Speech On The Levels Of Processing Essay

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When looking at speech production, one of the most important ongoing arguments is whether the processes involved are discrete or interactive. This argument refers to whether or not there is interaction between the levels of processing. For example, whether the processing of one level can influence the processing of another. If there is no interaction and information simply feeds forward through the levels, then this can be considered discrete processing. However, if there seems to be interaction between the levels, such as feedback, this can be considered interactive processing. These two ways of processing can be analysed and argued through the various speech errors we produce. Here, I will be analysing the speech errors in the sentence below and discussing whether each error is evidence for discrete or interactive processing. I will also be discussing each error in reference to the levels defined by Garrett and whether the evidence supports or challenges his model of speech production. I have included a diagram of Garrett’s model below and will define each level where relevant.

“While she stood near the par cark [car park] looking through her leading list [reading list] she noticed two collars with cats [cats with collars] running through the parden [park and garden] with their possessor [owner] chasing them.”

According to Garrett, the sound level of his model is responsible for the sounds of words being put into the correct syllable positions and order. The…

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