Analyzing The Middle Tennessee State University 's Student Run Radio Station 88.3 Wmts Murfreesboro

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Introduction For the small group dynamic assessment assignment I chose to assess Middle Tennessee State University’s student run radio station 88.3 WMTS Murfreesboro. I have been a part of this organization for the past two years now and have extensively seen how communication shapes the everyday life when it comes to the radio business. Radio is one of the only mediums of communication where the only thing you have to evaluate the speaker is their voice and how they present themselves on the mic. I believe this group is a very important group to do an assessment of, because it is one of the main groups on campus that is giving students hands on experience that they will use in many facets of the electronic media field. The person I chose to interview is Sarah Nichols, Program Director for WMTS, she has vast knowledge of the radio business and especially how communication influences everyday life as a manager. While I’m also a manager at WMTS I wanted to get a feel for how communication shapes one of our higher up manager’s everyday work life. The interview took place in the WMTS office on campus and didn’t take very long seeing as I only needed a couple of questions answered to get a good premise of the communication properties of WMTS. The main purpose of this assessment is to shed some light on the way that communication shapes the life of everyday managers and how workers could possibly improve the communication flow. This assessment will also show the dynamic…

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