Analyzing The Big Sleep Ending Essay

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Analyzing the Big Sleep Ending Raymond Chandler’s novel, The Big Sleep, is well-versed in descriptive language and makes one feel as though they are experiencing the occurred events firsthand. Through Philip Marlowe’s perspective the novel progresses in a manner that answers some questions of the mystery; however, as the truth unravels one realizes that not everything will be resolved. Through the usage of imagery, euphemism, and symbolism Chandler crafts an ending that solves the mystery, but creates a whole new one. Author D.J. Waldie, who wrote The City and The River, also uses imagery and symbolism to talk about Los Angeles and the way in which he utilizes these literary devices is similar to that of Chandler’s. Without a doubt, Chandler employs imagery to get a deep sense of suspense and thrill behind the mystery, especially in the ending where imagery has a significant role in unfolding the truth. An example would be when Marlowe describes how Carmen’s “small finger tighten on the trigger and [grew] white at the tip,” as she shot her gun multiple times at him (Chandler 133). The way in which Chandler utilizes descriptive words emphasizes the suspense of this scene; it induces the “edge-of-your-seat” factor. Also, Chandler uses imagery as a way to progress the story and build up to the answers that resolves this mystery. For instance, when Chandler describes Vivian’s reaction to realizing that her sister had killed Rusty Regan by saying, “Utterly motionless hands.…

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