Analyzing My Writing And Compare Essay

1310 Words Nov 24th, 2016 6 Pages
To analyze my writing and compare and contrast effectively I chose three texts that are all written with a persuasive intent. The three texts that I will be using for my analysis include a letter to my oldest sister, a quote that I re-wrote to convince myself to live life more fully and an e-mail to a client, for a company in which I hold employment . In this paper, I will analyze how my writing changed in terms of formality depending on who my audience was; while I still had the intent of persuading the reader accomplish a task. I will also analyze the way my voice changed though the separate texts and how I adapted to my audience. The letter to my sister was written out of frustration as she had left home to stay with her disagreeable boyfriend. I wanted to convince my sister to come home using mostly statements that appeal to reason as opposed to having an overly emotional letter. This is because in the past I had attempted to convince her by triggering emotional responses and it did not work as intended. The e-mail to a client was created because I had to communicate with the program participant. I get paid to contact our program users and I wanted them to call me back so that I could fulfill the company 's expectations. The final text that I will be using to analyze the way my writing changes, is a quote that I re-wrote to convince me to live life more fully. The original quote was about a leaf that signified a whole future that would never happen. I changed it…

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