Essay Analyzing Changes in Education

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Deborah Hastings
SEC 501
February 24, 2016
Mr. M
Analyzing Changes in Education
We’ve come a long way, baby! Over the past 100 years of public education in the great state of Alabama, changes in education have been literally fought for by blood, sweat and tears. However, with the desegregation issues from 1964 closed for the past 50 years, state legislatures still find plenty of arguments concerning public education reforms. Most of these arguments, though, are essentially concerns about federal control over state. Thanks to several federal acts, such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 the students of Alabama schools are all getting a better education. Just by these two acts,
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Alabama Teaching Science Evolution and Climate With the Bible Belt running through the state of Alabama, a controversy now for years has finally been updated after ten years. In his argument for teaching evolution and climate change, Michael Robinson, special scientist with Alabama Board of Education, argued for secondary education students pursuing post-secondary science studies (Harven,para.1-3). This is a big change from the 1995 requirements of the controversial based textbook disclaimer issued in all science books that teaches evolution and climate change. For the first time, Alabama students will be required to learn about evolution and climate change and will learn by observation, experimentation and data analysis, reports Michelle Harven (Harven, para. 1, 3-4). This issue is a big jump for Alabama educators to be required to teach. How does this change affect ethical disposition of educators?
Comparison and Contrast of Changes
On one hand, these three reforms in Alabama education are similar in the context relating to influence or rulings of federal government. In education, segregation or antidiscrimination acts have changed Alabama education in offering an equal opportunity without discrimination to any child, while also ensuring an academic standard for college or career preparation. While considering the science evolution and climate change comparison, it’s change

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