Essay on Analyzing And Analyzing Important Topics

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Describing and Analyzing Important Topics

Our, my peers and I, very first exam in a college course took place this week, and much is to be gained from that experience. Effective studying and being productive during any and every opportunity to finalize classroom work are things that I have learned to be crucial when attempting to prepare for a test. Keeping in mind what we have learned about our learning preferences and their corresponding suggested studying techniques something that was used to everyone’s advantage because knowing those allowed us to test several studying/learning methods until we found something that could be of use to us. This week, we focused on applying much of the things we have learned up to this point in the course rather than receiving new information. I think that because this test preparation procedure was so unexplored by many of us we felt overwhelmed and buried beneath extra credit assignments, study guides, and reading materials.It is important that we all, every student, take a step back and observe our behaviors and practices we adopted during this stressful week.The majority of my peers, including myself, were faced with the inability to regulate themselves because of distractions and therefore put off studying until the day before our test. Our performances have yet to be scored, but the results should be taken as a lesson on its own about successful test preparation and what works best for us before, after, and during an exam. I now…

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