Essay on Analysis : Tom James And Alex Homer

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Tom James and Alex Homer demonstrated in this chapter a personally selling philosophy. The most important thing that Homer does is that he understands the wants and needs of his existing customers and his potential customer market. He also understands that when he makes a sales call to either an existing customer or a potential one, each conversation is completely different from the other. When working with an existing customer, Homer will put together clothing ideas based on the season and something that the client will wear. For new customers, Homer will call them because he knows that “cold-calling” (p. 27) is important to build positive relationships with his potential customers. Homer has a very specific sales procedure and it begins with asking his clients what is most important to them; whether it be quality, fit, price, or if it’s trendy, each customer is different and Homer realizes that so obviously each customer is going to have a different opinion. Once he receives the feedback, he will start putting together outfits for his clients in order for them to wear it during important meetings. After that he will ask his customers to rate their closet and lastly will figure out how to improve the clients closet.
When putting myself in the shoes of Alex Homer, I would say that the most rewarding aspect of his sales job is seeing people, who don’t really like shopping for clothes, have a positive experience and being ultimately happy with their new outfits. Another…

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