Foreshadowing In The Odyssey Analysis

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Foreshadowing in the Opening Lines of the Odysseus People who lived in the Ancient Age time had so many different gods and goddesses, so there was each particular one for almost everything. For example, Athena was goddess of wisdom, Poseidon – god of the sea, Zeus – king of gods and men, etc. The mortal people also believed that the gods and goddesses could foretell things that were going to happen in the near future. That is why mostly all things that had happened were taken as the signs of something great coming. The Odysseus poem is full of the various examples of foreshadowing.
In the Book Fifteen, when Menelaus and Helen have reunited and came back to Sparta, Telemachus visits them searching the news about his father Odysseus. As Menelaus is Odysseus’
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Usually it happens when some circumstances have been changing or by the influence from other people. There is one certain example, in the Odysseus epic. Telemachus is a featuring Prince, the son of Odysseus, who appears in the poem about twenty one years old. From the first look, he is still young and afraid of the suitors who wish to kill him and get all the legacy from his father Odysseus. At the beginning of the epic, Telemachus does not know yet about his power and that he looks a lot of like his dad. Literally, he does not know much about Odysseus; that is why Telemachus starts to search for him, traveling to a different parts of the Mediterranean world. It is easy to see how Telemachus comes of age from the beginning to the end of the Odysseus book, how he becomes braver and more mature by his behavior and the decisions that he makes. Although Odysseus has not seen his son for about twenty years, which means that he could not imagine how advanced and well-developed his could be. There are some thoughts about Telemachus’ coming of age from his parents Penelope and Odysseus, who both are surprised to see their son growing up day by

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