Analysis: The Moment

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The Moment As I was sitting in my fourth block English class on the last day of my senior year, my teacher decides to ask each of my fellow classmates and I what our plans are after high school. One of my fellow classmates Sarah, wanted to go to fashion school and peruse her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. My other classmate, Josh, wanted to go straight into the work field. So, he skipped college entirely. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to college and succeed, because I know that success to me, was based on how well I have accomplished my goals in the past twelve years and why not continue to do that by attending college? I was always told you must go to college after high school, to earn value in this world. I considered …show more content…
Why do I assume that if I go to college, I will live a better life? Because, statistically, college graduates seek better job opportunities as opposed to people who do not attend college. I was nervous because it was all new to me. I didn’t know how to actually comprehend the thought of college and process everything that was becoming involved so quickly. Why do I have to go to school for twelve years, prove myself, and then go to college for many more years to get a steady job and career? Then, I knew the answer to the question. I wanted to earn it for myself. I wanted to prove myself as a person. I wanted to show that you can attend college and that you can do well in college. I have always thought of myself as an excellent scholar. I studied and studied to make sure the material the instructor provided me with would benefit me in any way possible. For me, the decision to attend college was a way to show the world the benefices I can offer. I could easily learn about a topic, and then regurgitate what I’ve learned. I have always assumed for myself, that studying and learning was a way of proving accomplishments, because my grades reflected my hard work. I decided to ultimately make the decision to go to college to prove to myself and others, that I could indeed do it. I began to tap my pen against my desk, and then my teacher decided to ask me a question that I constantly avoided. As my teacher proceeded to ask me the question, “What are you planning to major in while you are attending college?” I sat there with an expression of dismay. How was I supposed to know what I wanted to major in? There were so many options and choices that I was unaware of. I was unaware, because I didn’t know the multiple options that I could seek out when it came to perusing my college career during this time in my life. How

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