Analysis Of `` White Racial Identity Formation `` By Janet Helms

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Our society is culturally rich and full of vibrant colors which help create the beautiful tapestry we call society. However, within this beautiful tapestry the white privilege, hegemony, and ideology that is deeply woven in to this tapestry, dominate the beauty of what the tapestry represents, and overpowers the other fabrics that contribute to its beauty and it strengths. It our current times is critical that we are able to see all parts of the tapestry as equal, and how they interrelate to maintain the integrity of society. In this critical analysis, I will utilize Paolo Freire’s critical consciousness theory, the critical race theory and several of Janet Helms, “White racial identity formation,” to analyze the film and deconstruct the ways in which the mater status is perpetuated throughout society.
Though reading is a powerful way of disseminating information and adding to our personal growth and the growth of society, seeing can also be a tool that disseminates powerful information that adds to our growth. The film, “Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible” portrays the real life stories of several white women and men and their encounters with racism, which resemble the levels of racism that plague our society and the kyriarchy that maintains it. This film connects to several of the concepts discussed thus far in this course, however, most importantly the film promotes racial and social justice, which are large proponents of maintaining an empowered society and…

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