Analysis Of Van Gogh 's ' Bedroom At Arles ' Essay

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Owning a home is an important step in everyone’s life. Most people want a place they can call their own, to live in a space without relying on the dependency of others. Throughout his life, Van Gogh had lived in approximately thirty-seven different homes, some of which he only spent weeks in. Due to his financial status, Van Gogh would constantly have to rely on the hospitality of his family and friends, spending his time as nothing more than a border. However, in 1888 he was final able to find a home of his own within the ‘Yellow House’ in Arles France. This home was the first he could ever call his own, and served as a source of inspiration inspiring multiple paintings showing off his space (Groom). The painting by Van Gogh entitled Bedroom at Arles (Figure 1) in 1889 (oil on canvas) held a remarkable significance for him, embodying a sense of stability and independence, where he could freely work to express his creativity.
The term home has many different connotations, but in each it refers to a sense of belonging and identity, saying a lot about the character people possess and showcasing what they consider to be valuable and important in life. Over time, the home has been associated with many popular sayings “home is where the heart is,” “home sweet home,” and “there’s no place like home.” For Vincent van Gogh, each of these phrases would have been would have been true. He was so happy to have his own room he painted several representations of the space, something he…

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