My Definition Of Home Essay

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People have personal definitions of home. It could be where their loved ones are, where they grew up, where their heart is, or where their dog is. If one thing is certain about all these, it’s that home is where you feel a strong sense of belonging, security, and love. Finding all of these things in one place in your life can be a challenge for some, but everyone has some form of home. I have found my own definition in home. Home is no specific place and in fact can be multiple places; however, it will always be somewhere where I feel perfectly content about everything around me. Home means different things to different people. My younger brother and I have never lived apart from each other, yet we do not feel at home in the same places. To him home is our house. It is where he grew up, where our mother lives and our father visits, and where his friends and school are. To him this home is perfectly innocent, greatly secure, and remarkably comfortable. He is completely content here and would not want to be anywhere else. This is his place of belonging, security, and love. Having a six year age gap between us means I’ve lived through and experienced many things that he has been sheltered from. In this home of his …show more content…
The word itself creates a feeling within those who hear it, but this feeling can differ between people. There are those like my brother who identify with a central place around family, and those like me who identify with multiple places that feel like no other. Home can bring up positive and negative emotions and even create a feeling of nostalgia as it reminds them of certain people and times. There have been few places in my life that have given me a perfect feeling of contentedness while providing a sense of belonging, security, and love, but those that have will always be held extremely special to me. Home is somewhere that makes you feel perfectly content, belonged, secure, and loved; whether it be one place or

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