Analysis Of ' Three Artists ' Essay

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Three Artists: Throughout this mass world of dance, there are many extraordinary choreographers, dancers, artists, and innovators that impact young artists. Sometimes we tend to forget the different eras of dance. For example, the early to mid twentieth century, 1960s-1980s, and of course the twenty-first century. It is important to understand the evolution of how modern dance evolved. It provides us a history and background, so we can grasp a better understanding on what it is we are learning or performing. In the earlier days, modern was just modern and then it molded into postmodern and finally, postmodern contemporary. Choreographers like Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, and David Parsons have impacted the way modern has changed by their movement, technique, and teaching styles. My goal is address the way they impacted the evolution of postmodern contemporary, state a description of their dance background, and show what is similar and different about every one of them. Martha Graham was known as the mother of modern dance. She had created her own dance company in New York City in 1926 and worked with Ted Shawn who established a piece only for her. In 1926 and 1931, her pieces called Chronicle and Primitive Mysteries were showcased throughout the world. In addition, she had choreographed one hundred and eighty one ballets in which she was inspired by. She approached her choreography by being inspired by American Frontier and Greek myths. Finally, her movement style was…

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