Analysis Of Thomas Hobbs 's ' Leviathan ' Essay

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In Thomas Hobbs’s Leviathan, he asserts that to have order in a society there must be an absolute sovereignty to defend against war and conflicts and that within a society, there must be regulation to avoid internal conflict. Hobbs theorizes we must give up our individual rights to a greater governing authority and that doing so is essential to our survival. Indeed, his assertion is valid because human instinct tends to be self-interested; humans will do whatever it takes to survive, so an absolute power is necessary to ensure order.
We must give up our natural right to avoid conflict within an individual. Hobbes states, “war of every one against every one,” which means that everyone has the same interest, which is survival. Human does everything to survive, example, when you put a group of people on an island with food for each individual. One will eventually try to take another individual possessing, to ensure their survival. These are not just within human, animals and we called this “survival of the fittest.” However, having an authority in power ensures everyone an equal opportunity to survive in this world, providing laws to obey, providing other essentials commodities for survival.
When creating these laws for individuals to obey, there shouldn’t be power divided within a government. It will cause conflict, Hobbes states, “some form of “mixed” government with different branch of government holding different components of political authority, or government…and the…

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