Analysis Of ' There Is No ' Essay

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The theme of obsession in “There is No “E” in Zombi Which Means There Can Be No You Or We” is portrayed from beginning to the end of this piece. This story provides an illustration of how obsession can take over someone’s actions for the worst. The narrator of this story struggles to live the life she once knew after attaining an obsession over a past lover. In this fictional story, the author demonstrates the outcomes of obsessing over an individual after lust.
A New Jersey-based freelance writer, Jennider L. Nelson, explains how falling in love can make you sometimes “love sick”. She writes “Once smitten, these “love” chemicals surge and their health effects are set in motion. Some can’t sleep, eat, concentrate, and feel a sensation of nausea and chest pressure” (Nelson). This sense of love sick that is described, can easily be interpreted as obsession between one of the characters over the other. This theme of obsession can be found when Micheline Bernard is bed ridden and the narrator describe her “lovesickness” as “lying in bed, perfectly still, not speaking, not eating” (Gay). The narrator states that they’ve tried everything, and are so desperate they call in a mambo. The only way Micheline could ascend from her stillness was if the situation had anything to do with Lionel. With doing so, the mambo made a powder especially for Micheline for this circumstance. Causing a sense of empowerment over him, she soon becomes obsessed over the thought of Lionel becoming hers.…

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