Analysis Of ' The Volunteer ' Essay

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The story’s “The Volunteer” and “Fireweed” both contribute to the understanding of cultural interactions between people with a variety of ages as well as social class. There is a perspective of a younger woman in her 20’s dealing with children in a lower class while on the other hand, there is an adult woman of higher class dealing with an adult immigrant of the lower class. One story shows a strong relationship between cultures while the other shows a significant difference. It seems like the stories involving the younger characters are able to create an easier bond over a period of time. I believe that the older people who are exposed to different cultures have a harder time making a connection to each other because of their past experiences. Overall the interactions that are experienced in either of these stories do differ depending on the age and class of the individuals involved. In “The Volunteer” the story is told from one person’s perspective which allows readers to really see what human interactions are being demonstrated. There is a sense of stress and sadness when it comes to human contact. In the beginning of this story there is that feeling of separation between the woman who is volunteering and the children who are living in the foster home. It also takes a while for her to relate to the other adults working in the home. She has no connections with either of them besides for being in the same room, so she starts to feel stressed. The volunteer says countless…

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