Analysis Of ' The Visit ' Essay examples

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Playwright, Friedrich Durrenmatt, in his play, The Visit, uses his text to comment on society, post-WWII. Durrenmatt’s purpose is to bring to light issues that are facing society, especially in Switzerland, in the early to mid-1950s. Durrenmatt creates a satirical tone and uses the genre of tragicomedy to convey to his readers and patrons his thoughts and opinions on what is going on in society during his lifetime. In order to convey the issues Durrenmatt sees facing society in the 1950s in a more relatable fashion, he uses satire. Satire criticizes or ridicules people, ideologies, problems, and corruption through the use of exaggeration, parody, blatancy, and irony. One of the ways Durrenmatt achieves this is the use of the character, Claire Zachanassian, as a personification of satire. Claire’s brutal honesty and the way she only cares about herself and never other people is taken as her being almost sarcastic by the other characters in the work. Durrenmatt’s uses this when Claire says, “Nonsense. You’ve gotten fat and gray and you look like a drunk” (13). This example shows how, even though the people of the town are trying to compliment Claire so that they can “get Zachanassian to cough up her millions” (7), Claire decides to be brutally honest and say how she really feels. The people around her think she is joking, but Claire is being entirely serious. Claire embodies satire in her appearance as well as her attitude and personality. Claire’s appearance is very ghastly.…

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