Analysis Of The Vagina Monologues And Other Stories, And It Was Truly And Unforgettable Experience

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This past Friday, I watched our Hunter College’s very own Vagina Monologues and Other Stories, and it was truly and unforgettable experience. The production consisted of pieces from the Vagina Monologues along with beautiful original pieces written by students here at HUnter College. Each performance was well constructed and touched a number of various topics. They covered topics such a human trafficking, transgender male’s obstacles, women in black history, how women dress, and many other thought invoking topics. It made me think about topics that I’ve never thought to consider before, even as a feminist. It commenced with a piece called, “I Bet You Were Worried” and all the negative connotations that come along with the word “vagina”. They made fun of how the word sounds like a medical instrument or how unflattering it would sound during sex. It was then followed by the “Love Your Vagina” song. There was also skit narrated and performed by Lisa Finn called “My Angry Vagina” talking about all the strenuous activity that a vagina has to go through. The monologue covers subjects from uncomfortable tampons and unpleasant visits to the gynecologists with their cold instruments. There was even a skit about reclaiming the word cunt and questioning why another word for the female genitalia had become such an offensive word. There was also an original piece by the name of “Bush”, where the creator pretends to be a male that’s okay with female pubic hair. Women are…

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