Black Women As Jezebel's Stereotypes

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Portraying black women as Jezebel’s by nature is a long -lasting stereotype. The jezebel stereotype is one that has been used to put down African American women since the beginning of slavery. Throughout history the white women were seen as pure, hardworking and respectable, while black women were always seen as promiscuous, seductive and tempting men. Maria Miller Stewart who was a servant, teacher, abolitionist and women's rights activist shows through her literary work "Religion and the Pure Principles of Molarity, the Sure
Foundation on which we Must Build." that black women show the same qualities as any other race of women and that they don't deserve the title of Jezebel. Also there will be images of how
African American women
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Black men are now looking for white women because society has made us unclean. Since then some black women only think of themselves as sexual beings and some of them don't have the ambition to better themselves to show society that they are not the label they were given. Maria Stewart argues in her essay that black women are worth more than their bodies and that we are just important to society as anyone else.
To put it differently in illustrations society continues to make black women look like sexual objects, people who aren’t as well put together and people disserving of sexual assault.
One if the images that upheld the jezebel stereotype had to been the "Hottentot Venus" picture. Through this image it portrays the black woman as an object and as someone that was to be desired. Also since she was a slave she never got proper treatment and she was on display for everyone to look and some people even got to touch her of course without her consent. Even after her death her brain and genitals were put on display. I believe the jezebel stereotype isn't true because she had no free will and had to be on display where ever
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The third image shows the unwanted attention Nicki Minaj received on a live show.
After her performance Regis and Kelly went to have a short interview with her. They were asking her a bunch of inappropriate and personal questions. Also the biggest problem that occurred in the clip wad how Regis was stroking the back of Nicki's leg and he also slapped her backside in a "playful" manner. This action obviously caught her off guard and it doesn’t help that audience was applauding him on taking advantage of her. What upsets me the most about the clip was that some people would say that because of the way she dresses and the way she portrays herself in her music videos she was asking for it and that she shouldn't be surprised by the way he was touching her. This was so wrong considering that she was fully dressed with no skin exposed and she also looked genuinely a shocked and uncomfortable by his actions. This shows that the jezebel stereotype isn't true because if Nicki Minaj was such a

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