Analysis Of ' The Tyrannosaurus Rex ' Essay

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Since the beginning of time, all living creatures have strived to hold the most power in their environment. The tyrannosaurus rex dominated the prehistoric era with its size and strength and the lion controls the jungle with its strength, speed, and hunting ability. Humans control everything that surrounds them and always strive to conquer more. This drive for power and control lead to many great empires as well as the fall of those empires, Rome is a prominent example of how too much power could lead to its demise. People holding a lot of power tend to always want more, they never find the satisfaction that they desire. Victor Frankenstein attempts to find more power in the world of science by creating the Creature and ends up losing all of the power that he once held and hoped of ever achieving. Victor Frankenstein strove to go above and beyond in his studies and always achieved in doing so. Victor constantly studied and attempted to learn more and more each day. At first, his fascination was set upon natural philosophy and he continued down that path until he visited the University of Ingolstadt. At the University, his natural philosophy professor informed him that he wasted his time with his natural philosophy studies which lead Victor to find a new topic for his studies. Shortly after Victor stopped studying natural philosophy, he listened in on a chemistry lecture and came to the conclusion to further his studies in science. During this period of time, he found…

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