Analysis Of ' The Tall Friend ' Essay

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I rolled out from under him and flipped him over, before proceeding to repeatedly punch him in the face and stomach. The tall friend took this opportunity to launch himself at me, knocking me to the side as my head made impact with the floor. Briefly disorientated, he managed to get a few hits in while my vision was swimming before Declan leaped up and unleashed an almighty can of whoop-ass onto him, leaving Kyle to deal with brown hair - I warned you not to shove him. The short one who seemed to be clinging onto his consciousness stood up, wiped the blood from his dripping noise and glared at me. He clenched his fists as if to hit me but just then a large bouncer came over to us.

"All of you, out." He said, his voice one of authority. Declan and Kyle lifted the two other friends up by the scruff of their necks and kindly escorted them out. I did the same with the short one, and when we reached the door we threw them down on the ground and glared at them. I got down close to the short one 's ear and whispered in a low, menacing tone,

"If you ever come near her again, I won 't be so kind to you." He looked up at me and with a final glare, he stood up and hobbled off with his hand clutched to his nose, his friends following suit. I stood back and looked at Declan and Kyle, giving them the bro nod of the head. "Thanks for having my back guys." They just nodded back at me.

"Who the fuck does he think he is, shoving me like that," Kyle muttered and I smiled gratefully at…

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