Analysis Of The Story ' The New Of Orange Collar Crime ' By Louis Fishbein

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When an accountant is convicted of a white collar crime, he gets a first-hand look at life on the inside and discovers a whole new and absurd world of orange collar crime.

When accountant, David Barnes is convicted of tax evasion, his pseudo lawyer, Louis Fishbein, isn’t able to get him off. David is sentenced to prison at Fort Dicks and has to leave his girl friend, Judy, behind.
Barnes is sent to Fort Dicks, a felony “camp” for white-collar crimes. There he meets a cast of color inmates and learning about the rules of the prison. The prison staff spends their time out-conning each other.
After learning a lesson, David is eventually released. Judy and his attorney Fishbein picks him up, but the warden recognizes Fishbein’s name. Fishbein is arrested for fraud. His new home is Fort Dicks.

FORT DICKS presents as a musical comedy-parody stage play. The concept of the story promises some great comedic fun and good possibilities for an interesting story. The story focuses on a rather ordinary man, who is thrust into a rather extraordinary situation. He’s a classic fish out water inside the prison.
However, further development would benefit the play. The areas to re-examine are the structure, character, and dialogue.
The story opens with the trial and there’s a clear inciting event when David is convicted. The story plot is propelled forward when he has to surrender to Fort Dicks.
However, after the first few scenes in Act one, our…

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