Essay Analysis Of ' The Story Line '

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The story line is about a mother named Muriel who suffers from mental issues. That causes her to act out in public. It also causes conflict between her and her daughter Stephanie. Stephanie is a great daughter who choose to stay at home, and take care of her mother. She is embarrassed by how her mother acts in public. Her mother steals something from a store and it causes her to get upset. So they get home and they have a verbal altercation about how her mother’s actions affect her feelings. Then they go through their differences where she decides to leave her mother and catch a plane and go to work. However she can’t and realizes that she can’t leave her mother. So she purposely missed the airplane and goes back home to her mother. She comes home really drunk, and falls asleep. While her mother is dressed really nice and is ready to go out with her lover. She kisses her daughter on the forehead and leaves with her lover.
The scene that we will be acting out occurs at the beginning of the story. In the mothers kitchen where they are bickering. Over what happened while out shopping earlier. The mother is not capable of thinking how she once did being as though her brain had been altered. She had to get brain surgery, which was a very serious issue that caused her daughter to feel bad for her and want to help her with her everyday life. She also feels envious about the fact that she has other siblings who could also be helping out with her mother, yet they all choose not to…

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