Essay on Analysis Of The Story ' Kelsey Conklin '

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Kelsey Conklin was born August 10th, 1990 in White Salmon, Washington. She was raised by her biological mother and father, Joe and Kathy Torrey. Joe worked in construction while her mother worked at Wal-mart, but the couple is now retired. While Joe was working construction, he was often out of town on projects. Consequently, most of her memories that include her father are when they would take vacations in their new motor home to places like Bear Lake, Newport and the seaside. Her mother was also on these trips and in addition, Kelsey remembers fondly when her mom would take her out to lunch, just the two of them. Which was all the more special since Kelsey grew up as the second to youngest of seven siblings. Since they were spread out in ages she does not remember any fighting and most of their time together was spent camping, going to the beach, watching television, playing board games and card games. Her relationship with her parents is even stronger today than it was while she was growing up. As evidence, they currently reside in White Salmon, but are currently in the process of moving to Mesa to be closer to her and her family.

When Kelsey left home to attend university at 18, she had to adjust to a quieter life full of new responsibilities, but with the help of her sisters and Ray she was able to swiftly make the necessary adjustments.

The eldest of the Torrey siblings is Jonathan Torrey. Since he is twenty years older and had moved out before…

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