Analysis Of The Story ' Godliness ' By Sherwood Anderson Essay

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In the story of “Godliness”, by Sherwood Anderson, the character Jesse Bentley goes through a lot of hardships in his life, which affect the person who he becomes. Jesse suffers through loss and the pain of being alone. Anderson says, “Enoch, Edward, Harry, and Will Bentley all enlisted and before the long war ended they were all killed”.() With his brothers gone and his mother who had recently passed away the only person to take over the family farm was Jesse . He was not in the best of shape and everyone in Winesburg laughed at the thought of Jesse Bentley taking over the families six hundred acres of farm by himself, but that didn 't stop him from getting the job done. Hard working and harsh were just some of the terms used to describe working under Jesse’s conditions. Everyone was treated the same in Jesse 's eyes even his own wife.

A woman who is pregnant as any man knows needs to be taken care of during her time of need. But for Jesse things are different, he only lives to work on his farm. His wife Katherine Bentley tried to do as most farmer wives had been doing during her time. Anderson says “For a year she worked every day from sunrise until late at night” (Anderson 31). One of those people that he drove to death with his hard working conditions included his own wife who held his unborn child. It almost seemed as if Anderson didn 't even care for the death of his wife and the birth of his daughter. Anderson says, “he did not intend to be unkind to her ” ().…

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