Analysis Of The Story ' And Of Clay Are We Created `` By Isabel Allende

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In the short story, “And of Clay Are We Created” written by Isabel Allende, a reporter named Rolf finds himself alone with a small girl, Azucena, of whom he tries to save from a mudslide. As tragedy strikes, he finds himself staying by her side until help arrives. His darkest secrets creep out of the dark as he begins to tell the girl stories from his childhood. In the end, he lets her sink into the mud as she closes her eyes to fall into a peaceful sleep that becomes the end of her life. The theme of the story is that as a person, no one can move on if they have not taken care of their personal demons or past that haunts them. The author shows multiple forms of literary devices within the story, such as foreshadowing, flashbacks, and imagery, to form the theme of the story. In the beginning, Allende shows a form of foreshadowing when the narrator states “ … the little girl obstinately clinging to life became the symbol of great tragedy” (Allende 247). This informs the readers about the death that is to come to the girl towards the end of the story. Both Rolf and Azucena accept their fate and lock eyes. Rolf removes the makeshift life buoy that holds her above the mud, and watches her eyes close. He holds onto her for a moment and then releases her, allowing her to sink into the mud where the corpses of her family lay beneath. Allende shows another form of foreshadowing when she signals to the readers that Rolf would speak of his past that he has kept buried for years.…

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