Analysis Of ' The Signs Of Shopping ' Essay

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With the largest economy in the world, Americans continue to have more money in their pockets to spend on shopping. Shopping has become a daily activity among millions of people in America. Marketing of the products play a huge role to feed the shopping desires of the customers; advertisement structure the way customers view the product. In “The Science of Shopping,” Gladwell analyzes different techniques used by the retail stores to attract customer using Paco Underhill’s study on shoppers behavior while surrounded by multiple stores. In “The Signs of Shopping,” Norton focuses on the different options of shopping that shape consumer identity. Although both authors argue different aspects of retail and advertisement industry, the essayists have a similar position on the strategies used by the advertisers and retailers to influence customers to buy more products from their store. Gladwell and Norton approach their readers to appeal that retailers and advertisers hold the power over the decisions of the customers by providing scientific analysis of different methods used by the stores, ethical appeal to women shoppers, and creating a unique identity of each customer.
Customers are surrounded by many stores when they walk around in the mall or on the street, but their decision of choosing a store depends on how they interpret the advertisements. Malcolm Gladwell mentions Paco Underhill and his careful examination of the customers from the time they enter the store and…

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