Coercive Shopping

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Coercive Shopping Site, smell and hearing senses can easily be distorted to be abused by retail anthropologist, but can there be a positive aspect? Even the sense of touch is changed, not with physically touching items but rather the coupon paper in the hand of the consumer. Senses are used to help consumers with decisions and distorted to make them believe they are doing what they really want. Tricked into buy something the consumer does not need and helping them get things easier and conveniently are not the same. From the food at the front of a store, to the items with higher sales rates due to higher request, they are specifically placed for customers. The determination of those items placement is from computer generated programs. …show more content…
Thinking and doing what a person wants is differentiates humans from the animal world. That ability is being taken away with certain tactics used by marketing companies. Retail anthropologists are giving them the information the marketers need to get a desired action out of the consumer. All of the four senses are highly susceptible to being abused. Telling someone what to do is in no way the same as showing them something that may make the shopping experience a little more pleasant and easier. The science of consumerism has greatly increased the usability of the store. Many things in life are known to have a mathematical and analytical programs or statistic ones to make things simple. Simplicity is how humans turn on the cruise control of life. But many say this cruise control should not be taken advantage of. Retail anthropologists are helping the retailers gain back their consumers, while telling the consumers how the retailers are gaining their sales. This is to equal out the playing

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