Essay about Analysis Of ' The Show ' Parenthood '

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All families are different, but many have some of the same qualities. After watching the television show, Parenthood, I found that my family is a lot like one of the character’s Adam Braverman’s family. Both families are similar in ways that we look like we have it together, when in reality we are very dysfunctional. Not to mention we are comparable in ways that the characters from the show resemble members of my family, and how both families respond to tragedy. Seeing connections to another family is a constant reminder that we are all analogous in some way. Unfortunately, most times it is very easy for people to not understand the troubles of others. People may think that my family has it together all the time when in reality, it is the complete opposite. In the show, Parenthood, Adam Braverman’s family struggles with many things: job troubles, simply everyday life and child disabilities. If you took one good glance at my family, I do not think you would consider that a typical white suburban family like us has those same problems. For example, when I was four, and my brother was two, I desperately wanted to help my mother give Jacob a bath. I tried to help, but while my mother was forced to deal with me, she took her eye off of Jacob; he slipped off the edge of the counter and fell on his head. This was a tragic event that affected by parents deeply. Visions of awful parenting were circulated throughout their minds. In fact, they believed they were horrible people and…

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