Analysis Of The Poem ' Girl ' By Jamaica Kincaid Essay examples

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Analysis of “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid Jamaica Kincaid talks about a girl growing into womanhood and that growing into womanhood is a very delicate process based on her culture. In the late 90’s in Antigua, Jamaica Kincaid was pressured to become a woman in that time. Kincaid story “Girl” talks about the stress that she took through the long process to become a respectable woman that her mother wants her to be. The speaker used short and blunt statements that help the girl to establish herself into womanhood. Jamaica Kincaid family relationships and her birthplace influenced her writing to create the short story “Girl” (Kincaid). The recurring theme in all of her short stories including her short story “Girl” is woman of age and being a female. Analyzing the short story “Girl,” the narration, biographical criticisms, and the theme were taken into consideration. Jamaica Kincaid writing style, she uses in short story “Girl” fits as a monologue (Hardy) that is very unorthodox that is compared to the classic narrations. The story has no plot, no dialogue, or no clear characters. The story for an instance is “a mere page and a half no less” (Hardy). The story starts off with a list of chores being read out one after another. The girl clearly has no name and that the speaker has no clear evidence of characterization. The sentence structure and diction is unique throughout the story. The speaker only speaks in order in rhetorical questions to the girl that does not have the…

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